Polyurethane (PU) tube
nylon air tube
PE tube พอลิเอไมด์
ptfe teflon air tube
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 บัตเตอร์ฟลายวาล์ว kitz DJ series
KITZ DJ Series Butterfly Valves
Thorough pursuit of functions required for butterfly valves
Variety of product ranges to comply with customers’ requirements
สนใจสอบถามข้อมูลผลิตภัณฑ์ Valve KITZ บัตเตอร์ฟลายวาล์ว kitz DJ series (Valves KITAZAWA) สินค้าได้ที่
Non-peeling Seat-to-body Construction
Molded-in (bonded) seat structure is employed for size 2 to 12. Larger sized
valves are provided with replaceable seat. This non-peeling seat-to-body
construction assures maintenance-free application for high fluid velocity
service*1, vacuum service*2 and handling surging fluid velocity. It also
guarantees peel-free valve mounting on pipelines.
*1 Maximum 4 meters/second for on-off service for valves up to size 12, and 3
meters/second for size 14 and larger.
*2 Up to 30 torr. Vacuum service is option for size 14 and larger.
Spherical design for Discs and Seats
Rubber seats are spherically designed where they contact top and bottom
stems. This protects widely designed rubber seats from peeling or deformation
for prolonged service life of valves. Thinly streamlined metal discs are the results
of elaborate laboratory study to ultimately minimize the pressure loss.
Choice of Materials and Operating Devices
Choice among 4 disc and 2 seat materials and manual, pneumatic or electric
valve operating devices makes service applications highly versatile.

Integral ISO 5211 Actuator Mounting Flange
Any pneumatic or electric valve actuators provided with ISO 5211 valve
mounting flanges can be easily mounted for actuation of valves in the field.
Low Valve Operating Torque
Low operating torques are designed low for extension of valve service life and
economic consideration in selection of valve operating devices.
Light-designed for Operation Efficiency
Designed much lighter than our conventional series for operation efficiency in
Emission-free Stem Sealing Mechanism
Prevention of external fluid leakage is maximized with a rubber O-ring
assembled around the top stem and tight contact between spherically designed
rubber seat and spherically designed top and bottom end of the disc.
Dew condenstation prevention
Dew condenstation prevention type is optionally available with heat
insulating plate (size 2 to 6) or stainless steel stand (size 8 to 24).

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